Welcome to the Rift!

For maybe the month or so, you will be given some puzzles to solve, if you solve them, you will get great rewards. At anytime you can quit if you feel it is too hard. I would wish that you do this alone, but if you want to partner up with someone I am not going to stop you. The hunt will soon. May the odds be forever in your favor. Your lucky number is 30.


Gsrkvexw csy tewwih csyv jmvwx xiwx, qsvi ampp fi gsqmrk wssr. M vigsqqirh csy xeoi qsvi xmqi amxl 30.qt3, ew mx qec fi mqtsvxerx.

Day 3

Welcome to day 1, here is your item, good luck.


Day 2


Day 1

Hello avid hunters, if you are still here that means you did not giveup and you are still doing this, great job btw, I have been looking at your progress. If you want to get the next part then you will want to follow these steps.

Here is for first key,
.--. -.-. -..- .. -..- ...-- .--- .. .. ...-- .-. .---- .--- .--- .--- --. -- .-.. ..... .-- .-. --.. .-.. -.. --.. ----- -... ..-. -.-- -.- ... .--- .-.. . .. ..--- .-.. -.-- ----- .---- This is the password, you will need to decrypt it, if your string has the word "cool" in it then you know you have the right password. This is the first key.

The next thing you will need is in the first paragraph, is its a grammer error. Use the whole sentance, as it is your 2nd key.

Next, for the pastebin pastes, there is a secret key in each that no one has thought of, that is your 3rd and 4th key

Finally, there is a message hidden in the following: "Sierra Lima Alfa Victor Alfa", decrypt it and that is your 5th and final key.

Email all 5 of the keys to [email protected]
What happens next is not under my control.

Day 0

This is the last day, and I will be giving out some hints and answers for everyone.

.--. .. .--. .-.. ..- .--. --... ..... --... ..... / .. ... / -.- .. -. -.. .- / -.-. --- --- .-..

It is "The hunt will soon"

This one is from this pastebin, the password has been removed.

This one is from this pastebin, the password has been removed.

It is "SLAVA"

Hopefully this helps! Have fun and good luck. You only have to do 3 now.